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...dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals who need support in their recovery from mental illness and/or addictions.


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The Legislative session has ended, and there is still no budget despite multiple proposals from the Governor, House Republicans,  House Democrats, Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats.

The state of the state's finances remains critical, but essential services and supports for the most vulnerable in Connecticut are at great risk.

The payment withholdings from private non-profits have put services in jeapordy. Funding reducations are being implemetned as of August all PNP providers.
As we have determined through our evaluations and needs assessment process, the PNPs were already operating at bare bones levels,
so any cuts whatsoever have to come from somewhere - and that will mean service cutbacks.

The future of the Regional Boards is also in jeapordy, as some versions of the budget call for reducations that are not survivable.
But - as long as we are able - the Regional Board will be active in assuring that the needs of consumers, families and communities in the Region V area have their needs understood,
and to the extent possible, have their behavioral health needs met.

It is critical that your legislators here from you - today and again and again until the state adopts a budget -
about the critical importance of supports and services that people need to enter into, move forward in and remain in recovery.

For 42 years our Regional Board has been the voice of people in the community - assuring that needs are recognized, advocating for what is needed and assuring that the services that exist have citizen-based oversight.
If this infrastructure support is lost now, there is little chance that it will ever be restored.

We welcome your voice and support.


Bills and passed legislation:

For a listing of the bills that passed this session and have been signed by the Governor, click here.


Our Resource Sheets have all been updated, and can be found under the "Resources" tab.
These sheets list the mental health and substance abuse treatment services by area (Greater Danbury, the Northwest including Torrington, and the greater Waterbury area)
Providers listed are limited to those that take all insurance (including Medicaid) and serve a broad range of needs.
You will also find Crisis, Hotline and emergency phone numbers, as well as  useful websites. Programs that serve only DMHAS-eligible clients are listed separately.
NOTE: Individuals and families with private heath insurance should check with their insurance company to see who is covered under their policy.


The 2016 Region V Regional Needs Assessment and Priority Planning Report is available through this website.
 Click HERE to read the 2016 report.



The CAC and Regional Board meetings resume in September. The Consumer Action Group meetings continue in the summer. (Please see the "Meetings" link above for full information.)


At this time there are many classes being offered in Litchfield County through a SAMHSA grant, provided by MHC. Check the MHFA website for details.
We have been very busy supporting our communities with MHFA classes.

The next class we will be offering will be in Bethel CT on August 29 & 30.

Background on Mental Health First Aid:
Mental Health First Aid is a 12-hour certification course given over 2 days that helps individuals and communities better understand mental health issues and respond accordingly to others who may be experiencing distress.   

One way of looking at it as that it covers "What - When - How" for people in the community.
"What?" Understanding the most common mental health issues (in adults) so you will understand what you might be observing.
"When?" When is doing something appropriate?
"How?" And if  doing something might be appropriate,  what can you do?

Who should take Mental Health First Aid training?

  • Primary care professionals;
  • First-responders, fire, police and corrections officers;
  • Nursing home staff;
  • Town social workers;
  • Library staff;
  • Teachers
  • School personnel, nurses and educators;
  • Employers, human resources professionals and business leaders;
  • State policymakers, volunteers, and the general public.
  • You!

MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID FOR YOUTH:  Youth Mental Health First Aid is a different course, with a focus on the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems of children and adolescents aged 12-18.

It is taught to adults, and in some instances to older adolescents who are mature and more likely to be in peer-to-peer situations.
At this timeEdVance (formerly Education Connection) has a grant to offer these classes throughout Litchfield county. Please contact them for more information on Youth MHFA classes.


Smoking cessation: Our Board continues to support individuals, organizations and programs in helping people live smoke-free lives.

If you are trying to quit, may we suggest that you contact the Connecticut QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669) or one of the programs noted below.

  • You can find smoking cessation programs at the following locations.

    Treatment for the general public is offered through MCCA in Danbury, Torrington and Waterbury. Please see the resource sheets (Resources tab on this website) for more information.

    The following agencies also offer tobacco treatment, although there may only be available to clients in their programs:

    Danbury, at New Heights  for clients who are served by that agency:  (call (203) 794-2689 for more information)
    Danbury at the WCMHN-DA for clients who are served by that agency: contact Deborah Lawrence at
    Torrington: at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital (CHH) through their behavioral health services.
    Torrington: at Prime Time House. Groups for people connected to the Clubhouse and thinking about quitting. Contact Lisa Lynch at (860) 618-2479 X 105 for the latest information.
    Torrington: for individuals connected to the Western CT Mental Health Network. Contact Michael Lonergan at (860) 496-3763
    Waterbury: at the Independence Center. Contact Debbie Holcomb at (203) 756-5772
    Waterbury at HELP, Inc for clients being served by that agency, Contact Kweku Hammond-Donkoh at

    We have developed a couple of fun flyers that are good to put up in agencies to assist people in making the decision to quit, and can be downloaded through the links below.
    Flyer- "Lost dog" helps people recognize the dangerous impact of secondhand smoke on dogs. We also have one for cat lovers:
    Lost Cat.





There are still vacancies in several towns; please check out these opportunities under the "Local Council" link, above.
Remember that all of our meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending to "see what it's all about," give us a call and we can arrange for you to be greeted, and have a seat saved for you.
One of our town representatives expressed some of what her involvement has meant to her:

"I enjoy so much being part of the NWRMHB volunteer council. The town appointees and the providers truly care about others. It has been a very positive experience. Best for me is seeing and learning how to address otherwise uncomfortable situations with non-confrontational grace. I am learning so much more every meeting about our mental health mission as well."


Eating Well on a Budget:

This is a new pamphlet developed by the Consumer Action Group. You can link to this useful resource here: Eating Healthy on a Budget


 Transportation Primer for Providers

NOTE: We will be updating this resource soon to include the new options developed as a part of the FastTrak initiative.
This helpful resource of information about public transportation in the Northwest Region (the 43 towns of Region V) was developed by the Consumer Action Group. This means wit was conceived by and developed by people that use public transportation as their primary means of getting around. Helpful and straightforward, it can be used by individuals or as a training tool for providers of services many of whom have rarely if ever had to rely on public transportation themselves.
We recognize that schedules, rates and more can change at any time. If you see something that needs updating - please let us know! As always, we appreciate your feedback.
You can access it by following the link below:
Transportation Primer for Providers.


  • You can contact us easily at
    by phone at (203) 757-9603
    mail to 969 West Main St., Suite 1B, Waterbury CT 06708

To really keep up with what's going on in your own area, you are invited and encouraged to come to your own local Catchment Area Council meeting. The dates of those meetings can be found on this website, as can directions.

ALL of our meetings are open to the public and guests are always welcome. Please note our Inclement Weather Policy:
meetings are cancelled if the public schools in that town are closed, not just delayed,  for the day.

If there is specific information you are seeking, call, write or send us an email.

Thanks for visiting our site!

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